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Publisher and business consultant Alan Prior Brighton on the Power of Positive Thinking

Alan Prior is without a doubt an individual with many differing chapters to his working life that have brought him to where he is today.

Starting in Hove back in 1989, Alan made his foray into the business world. This came with some naivety as it does for any person starting anew in unknown territory; but part of this new outlook on life included his unending passion and determination to succeed in the world of business.

Alan Prior Brighton on the Power Of Positive Thinking

One thing that is very clear to anyone with a modicum of intelligence is that Alan’s ambition and drive to succeed is one of the fundamental reasons that he has got where he is today. Some may see it as blind faith, but Alan knows that it takes 110% at all times to not only achieve success, but most importantly to maintain it. One particular aspect Alan realised in his early days of Schlumberger technologies is the ability to connect with people of different cultures and languages. It was from this point that he honed his linguistic skills, successfully dabbling in multi-national connectivity, particularly Latin speaking countries such as Spain and South America; vastly increasing his ability to network.

One notable point of realisation for Alan Prior Brighton

One notable point of realisation for Alan Prior was that mistakes will be made. To err is to be human; but it is how you learn from these errors and move forward that make the difference between a one shot wonder, and a true businessman with longevity and reliability such as Alan.
Whether it was his novel approach to Sports Media Ltd or his ingenuity applied to Brighton’s Absolute Magazine, positivity and an ‘aim to please’ attitude was almost a daily ethos for Alan Prior Brighton; and inevitably became a major contributing factor to his success.

Majority of people in UK knows that Alan Prior is a businessman.

Alan Prior Brighton a successful publisher of United Kingdom

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Publisher and Businessman Alan Prior

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