Bien Saludos

Bien Salud…

It can be said that Alan Prior is in his comfort zone when surrounded by the bohemian culture of Brighton. His family, work and many personal interests are derived from his home town, but he also has a passion for culture and travel.

There are many times you will find Alan Prior perusing the Costa del Sol, one of his favourite homes away from Home.

Southern Spain offers a vast swathe of cultural diversity, offering visceral stimuli not found anywhere else.

 Alan loves the remote serenity of the mountainous countryside found just a little inland if you venture off of the beaten track. Here he finds that the beautiful scenery, vivid colour of the campos and wildlife truly refreshing and soul cleansing.

He uses this time both to reflect on his personal life and also to create new business ideas while relaxing in the tranquillity that nature provides.

Be it that Alan Prior may love this scenario, he also equally loves the hustle and bustle of places such as Malaga and Nerja; a region he has found himself in many times previously due to his love of the towns.

Both locations offer picturesque beaches adorned with palm trees and stretches of golden sand for him to enjoy, unlike the cobbled beaches of Brighton.  Another similarity to Brighton is the very diverse selection of places to eat.

Tapas in places such as Nerja to accompany your drink of choice are almost a work of art for the culinary creators. Real effort in applied to ensure its presentation is top notch; something the staff here also applies to the service they deliver which is one of the many reasons Alan Prior has an affinity for the region.

Whether it is what you would class as internationally palette pleasing cuisine that caters for all nations, or traditional Spanish gastro food such as Migas (a once considered peasant dish now popularised with the middle classes), or an authentic paella to share amongst friends and family, it can be found here.

Alan Prior highly recommends the immense selection of café bars that can found in the central plaza in Nerja. Each offers their own twist on their offerings; from Cocktails to gin bars, coffee houses and cake shops, or a quintessentially English looking bar complete with a parrot that greets passers-by in multiple languages or imitates barking dogs that wouldn’t feel out of place back home in Brighton.

Alan Prior finds that all of his working and personal needs can be met in Nerja within just a very small radius. Step outside and you are spoilt for selection and quality offerings from nearly all of the establishments here.


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