Business Consultant Alan Prior

Business Consultant Alan Prior

Business Consultant Alan Prior is among the self-made business consultant who roams the world to grasp the experience of consultancy in the business world. He strives for success based on his competency and immense passion for his profession. If you conclude the overall employment trend in the UK, then you will find most of the people incline towards the business. Alan Prior was like other average people residing in the UK with the ambitions of making it big in the field of business. His educational life is pack with the pursuit of business management. Alan Prior learn various subjects to uphold the essence of business conduct. His studies show the history of his compassion towards becoming a renowned businessman. Alan Prior Brighton is a self-made businessman of United Kingdom.

The Start of Business Career

Since the start he showed prominent achievements and started climbing the ladder of success in the era of business. Establishing a perfect career demand sacrifices, and Alan Prior offered various sacrifices to become a famous business consultant. Life is hard for everyone, but Alan Prior turned that harshness in the motivation to achieve his dreams. The various skills he acquired through his journey also exhibit a prominent contribution to the maturity of his career. Despite being a consultant, Alan Prior has also gained his experience from the senior management positions.

All the companies he worked for appreciated his efforts by supporting him either in his education or his career. His degree of MBA concerning the studies of business administration, marketing, and technology management from Brighton university in 1998 is proof that companies appreciated his work and supported him. Alan Prior gave his all in making a strong foothold in business by learning every possible opportunity that knocked at his door. He never let down the expectations of his supervisors when he just stepped in the practical life with high dedication.

Business Consultant

Becoming a business consultant requires the experience of business from a broader perspective to lay down the possible routes, to shield an organization from external risks through decision making. Its purpose is to analyze the positive and negative impacts of a decision on the organization and to select the safest route after a thorough evaluation. Alan Prior took the path of a business consultant to ripe his career because he has extensive experience in the business.  The two striking steps in the Anan Prior’s journey towards the consultancy encompasses ApplianSys Ltd and Akurawall Group. In ApplianSys Ltd, Business Consultant Alan Prior contributed as a consultant for the position of procurement and logistic manager.

Epicenters technological innovation

The firm epicenters technological innovation, and its location is in Coventry, the United Kingdom, with the extensive network splurging up to 150 variant countries. Alan participated in the activities of a procure and logistic consultant for almost three years. The experience proved to be vital in his later journey towards a successful businessman. Among the distinct assignments handed to him, dealing with contracts to allocate the resources with maximal output were the most significant ones. The Akurawall Group that was prominent for the engagement for production holding firms, located in Sussex, England, United Kindom. Alan took the project of about five million pounds sterling in with challenging turnaround circumstances.

It showed his competency as a business consultant. Even after that, Alan continued his struggles to become an entrepreneur based on his skills in business management and consultancy. Although the company faced the dissolving situation in 2018, Alan Prior left it long ago with an enriching experience and broader horizons in the business world. All these events contributed to guiding Alan to a business approach, apprehending consultancy. It’s like a ladder that brought self-made businessman Alan Prior closer to his dreams with every little step.

Alan Prior is among the self-made businessman who roams the world to grasp the experience of consultancy in the business world.

Procurement and Logistic Manager

Alan Prior took the position of a logistics and procurement manager in  Schlumberger technologies from 1989 to 1997. In simple terms, Alan joined the company one year after its founding. It was the first step towards the learning of business and technology management. The time self-made businessman Alan Prior spent here taught him various basics to start a career path in his respective field. In the meantime, Alan also received the certification of MCIPS from the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply. He took the course for one year from 1989 to 1990. It certified him as an eligible person for contract management, purchasing professional, and procurement. That way, Alan Prior continued his carvings for learning alongside his job.

Schlumberger technology

was an organization for the manufacturing of measuring gadgets based on their electro-mechanical nature. It was a trending company due to its vibrant target market, modified products, and uniqueness. The duration of working experience of about six years in the Schlumberger was very helpful for Alan Prior in the era of cost analysis and supply chain management. It also assisted him efficaciously completing his MCIPS. Business Consultant Alan Prior became a name among the people who received the highest degree of management training in France and the USA after this achievement.

Alan Prior also learned the command of the Kanban system for the implementation of the Just in time approach against the emergency response plan during this time. Mr. Alan was also assigned as a leader of the team of professionals to elate their morals and spirit. It resulted in highly motivated employees with effective progress in the company. From this point onwards, the journey of Alan Prior as a business consultant started with pervasive experience and determination.


Alan Prior teaches us the passion of persistent pursuit for the realization of your dreams. He is an epitome for the people who are struggling in life to make it big someday. He continued his academics along with his practical and professional life to quench the urge of knowledge. His ambitions inspire people, and his journey towards entrepreneurship is the visual example of the struggles to achieve the business goals. He teaches us the lesson to never give up and confront the challenges. Self-made businessman Alan Prior has scored big thanks to his passion, determination, and perseverance.

Majority of people in UK knows that Alan Prior is a businessman.

Alan Prior Brighton a successful publisher of United Kingdom

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